Dairy Products

Whey Products

DUNACID 9/13 is a high quality product with a minimum content of 60 % lactose and 9 % whey protein. pH 4,7 (+/- 0,5). Rrecommended for: Petfood Milk replacer, Piglet feed

Besides sweet whey powder acid whey powder is a classical carrier of lactose and whey protein for Petfood, piglet diets and in some cases for milk replacers as well.

Lactose fraction from Ultrafiltration

Whey protein concentrate is the cheapest and most common form of whey protein, a byproduct of cheese production.

Milk Powder

Fat reduced Milk Powder Skimmilkpowder, European origin. Standard grade. Fit for human consumption. Recommended for: Petfood, Milk replacer, Piglet feed

Casein is the name for a family of related phosphoproteins . These proteins are commonly found in mammalian milk, making up 80% of the proteins in cow milk and between 20% and 45% of the proteins in human milk.


Milk sugar is the disaccharide of milk consisting of glucose and galactose.


Different kind of cheese

Different kind of cheese flavours

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