Meat & animal by-products

Thanks to our longstanding partnership with national and international slaughterhouses, we offer a wide range of meat, such as MDM (mechanically deboned meat), as well as offal and other slaughtering byproducts. Our products are used in the classic wet petfood but also in the new products in the dry food segment, as well as in the snack production.

Beef, Pork & Poultry

Product Description
Beef Liver Liver or pieces of liver, frozen
Beef Heart Heart or pieces of heart, frozen
Beef Kidney Kidneys or pieces of kidneys, frozen
Beef Lungs lobs frozen
Beef Lungs with Trachea frozen
Beef Trachea frozen
Beef Udder frozen
Beef Spleens frozen
Beef Stick Meat frozen
Beef Tripe green frozen
Beef Tripe white frozen
Beef Bibble Tripe green frozen
Beef Bibble Tripe white frozen
Beef Rennet green frozen
Beef Rennet white frozen
Beef Fat frozen
Beef Lips frozen
Beef Larynx frozen
Beef Wesand frozen
Beef Diaprghmen frozen
Beef Trimmings frozen
Product Description
Pork Liver frozen
Pork Heart frozen
Pork Kidney frozen
Pork Lungs lobs frozen
Pork Lungs with Tracheaen frozen
Pork Trachea frozen
Pork Stomach frozen
Pork Spleens frozen
Pork Trimmings 90:10 frozen
Pork Trimmings 80:20 frozen
Pork Trimmings 70:30 frozen
Product Description
Calf Liver frozen
Calf Heart frozen
Calf Kidney frozen
Calf Lungs lobs frozen
Calf Lungs with Trachea frozen
Calf Spleens frozen
Calf Tripe green frozen
Calf Bibble Tripe green frozen
Calf Rennet green frozen
Calf Pizzel clean frozen
Calf Pizzle unclean frozen
Product Description
Chicken Carcasses frozen, minced
Chicken MDM frozen
Chicken Necks frozen
Chicken Liver frozen
Chicken Cartilage frozen
Chicken Skin frozen
Chicken Stomach (Gizzle) frozen
Chicken Heart frozen
Turkey Carcasses frozen, minced
Turkey MDM frozen
Turkey MSM frozen
Turkey Liver frozen
Turkey Heart frozen
Turkey Necks frozen
Duck Carcasses frozen
Duck Liver frozen
Duck Heart frozen
Duck Necks frozen
Goose Carcasses frozen
Goose Necks frozen
Goose Heart frozen
Goose Liver frozen
Goose Lard lard +4-7°C
Product Description
Lamb Liver frozen
Lamb Heart frozen
Lamb Kidney frozen
Lamb Lungs with Trachea frozen
Lamb Lungs lobs frozen
Lamb Pluck frozen
Lamb Tripe green frozen
Lamb Tripe white frozen
Product Description
Horse Liver frozen
Horse Heart frozen
Horse Kidney frozen
Horse Lungs lobs frozen
Horse Lungs with Trachea frozen
Horse Trachea frozen
Horse Spleens frozen
Horse Bibble Tripe white frozen
Horse Testicles frozen
Horse Pizzle frozen
Product Description
Goat Liver frozen
Goat Heart frozen
Goat Kidney frozen
Goat Lungs lobs frozen


Produkt Beschreibung
Game Meat Mixed frozen
Product Description
Venison Meat 80:20 frozen
Product Description
Rabbit Carcasses minced, frozen
Rabbit MDM minced, frozen

Exotic Animals

Product Description
Meat Trimmings frozen
Innards Pluck frozen
Product Description
Meat Trimmings, Vlies frozen
Innards Pluck frozen
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